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Restaurant Partnership

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First off, I would like to introduce myself. I am working towards a new distillery in South East Wisconsin. I have been using this great forum for the past few months to gain distilling business knowledge from superb professionals in the trade. I thank you for the wealth of knowledge and the open dialog that is available.

I have an opportunity to work with a developer in a build to suit scenario at a prime location on a street and in a town that receives a lot of foot traffic. The developer mentioned that he is very interested in a distillery in his new building, but would also like to see a restaurant. I do not plan on operating a distillery and a restaurant. He indicated that he is currently in discussion with a restaurant and they might be interested in developing a partnership with me at his location. The lot is large enough to accommodate us both, our spaces would be separate and we would each have our own storefronts. There is obviously a lot to work out (i especially need to like the restaurant and the Owners). My biggest concern would be how my brand would be affected. I would definitely want to be thought of as a separate entity but reap the benefits of a restaurant highlighting my products. I was wondering if anyone out there has run into a similar scenario and what you did to protect your brand.

Thanks in advance for any input you can offer.

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First off, I doubt you will be a "partner" with the restaurant from the sounds of it. As such, it is out of your hands so I wouldnt even think about what effect it may or may not have on your "brand". For all you know, in 4 years it will be converted to a chuckie cheese.

Your concerns are: your business, your space, your customers. Forget about what's next door, at it has virtually nothing to do with you, other than how it may affect the "neighborhood" . And what it is envisioned next door today for that space will more than likely change at some point anyway.

As long as it isn't a crappy location, your neighbors will not determine your success or failure.

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