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I wanted to visit the Rum Distillers section to introduce my self to my heros; The Rum Distillers. I write a blog whose sole purpose is to publicize and promote the liquid wares of Rum Makers, particularily, Craft Rums, Made here in the USA. If you've never heard of me - that's great because there is a good chance I have heard of you. Please check out my Blog and even the Facebook page. We boast a HUGE list of Rum Distillers around the Fifty States and Puerto Rico. If you are not on that list -- Please make me aware of that oversite and we will include, talk about and even feature your Distillery amnd rum(s) as soon as we can. My readers love hearing about rums and some of us plan trips and vacations revoling around Distillery visits and Rum tatstings... Join teh fun and I will be here asking questions and passing on information!

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