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Hello! My name is Doug Tuttle and my forum name is "Beast". My partner "Coop" and I are owners of Colorado Gold Distillery, LLC in Cedaredge, CO. We brought a lot of can do attitude and some tenacity to the adventure of building a distillery. Which was good because I brought little else in terms of knowledge of the industry. I have spent hundreds of hours studying the technique, tradition and chemistry of distilling and with each morsel of information I realize just how much more I have to learn. We did a pretty good job anticipating obstacles but still had a few surprises along the way. Learning everyday I find that the business of craft distillation is a unique, challenging and fun business.

We drove our first nail on our distillery September 2007 and today we have a good number of wholesale accounts and a beautiful gift shop where we sell to a curious and eager local population, and many tourists from around the world. The highlight for visitors is a tour of our distillery.

On the wholesale side we are banking on stores and restaurant/bars promoting quality Colorado distilled spirits. The wine and micro brewing industry in Colorado has capitalized on the "think global - buy local" theme and we hope to enjoy the same enthusiasm for Colorado Gold premium distilled spirits. Some get it and some do not!

I have a degree in chemistry and took my first job out of college at Coors in Golden, CO. That was many, many years ago and it only applies in so much as it explains my interest in the craft distillery industry. I spent most of my work career managing or consulting in the food manufacturing industry, which has been helpful in this adventure.

I also have some experience in sales and marketing while growing another business. It is the sales and marketing where I concentrate my time and efforts trying to grow our distillery into a endeavor that some day will actually "make" money (not there yet). As most of you know without selling product successfully on a larger scale it is just an enjoyable, expensive hobby.

Inexperience in the process of distillation was not our biggest obstacle. The two biggest challenges have been: #1 - finding a source for small quantities of quality bottles with a good selection at a reasonable price. #2 - Distribution! I have found that it is much more political, tempermental and costly than I imagined. One and a half years ago if someone would have told me that we would have trouble getting someone to distribute a quality product without giving up my first born I would have told them that can't be right. As you can see I am still learning.

I read the ADI forum almost daily, and while it a great resource what I enjoy most is knowing there is a community of people who share my interest in craft distilling.

You can find us at www.coloradogolddistillery.com.

Happy Distilling! Beast

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