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References on DSP application

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We are trying to decide who to list as personal references on our permit application.. Do references always get called? What types of questions are asked? Thanks for the insight - just trying to choose the most appropriate references.

Thank you!!!

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I have assisted a lot of folks with there TTB bonds and I have never hear of any of the references being contacted in any way, shape or form. That being said, I guess they (BATF - TTB) certainly reserve the right to contact them but to date I don't know of any that ever have been. As always though, I'd put down good references (who puts down bad ones???) that you are either very close to, or have a good financial relationship with (bankers, CPA's, Lawyer, Insurance professionals, etc.) or other professionals that can speak to your character as well as your responsibility. I'm obviously not telling you anything that you probably don't already know, but those types of references are the ones I see the most. Maybe that is why they do not get contacted, who knows. I hope that helps, and if you need any other assistance please feel free to reach out to me, I know AN INSANE amount of information when it comes to TTB bonds.

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I used other business owners in my town, none of which were called or contacted.

Most forms that ask for referances never contact them including loan applications. They will only contact them if you fail to pay taxes or make payments. They will ask these people if they know where you are. Coop

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