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Are there general food guidelines?

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I am wondering if there are any general rules by which we need to abide by when it comes to serving food in our tasting rooms? It is apparent, as we have seen it a lot, that we are welcome to offer complimentary snacks - pretzels, nuts, etc.

Can you sell food packaged food items (we are from a big craft community with craft nuts, chips, etc and wondering if we could sell locally made packaged snacks)? Can you prepare snacks at home and offer them to guests complimentary - spiced nuts, snack mixes? Could we prepare dishes such as veggies, hummus, cheese plate and sell for a small cost?

Thank you for any information on rules, guidelines and any creative ideas....

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MaskCraft, the TTB's business is not to regulate what you do at your distillery...just to properly collect all the taxes, under their tax structure. Even the labeling isn't specifically about the consumer, but ultimately, about taxation.

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