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Which size, type, and brand of boiler for 200L still, please?


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Hi all,

So, we've combed the forum, and remain a bit confused, so excuse the open-ended question, but...

...what is best steam boiler to mate with our new 200L still?

We have been given lots of info, quotes, and advice so far, and our heads are spinning.

I'll post more specifics if you need it, but I don't want to lead you in any particular direction.

suffice to say, the still importer said we simply need a unit that can supply 0.5 bar pressure (about 7.25 lbs) and 90Kg/hr (about 190lbs) steam volume. and we don't necessarily want/need to use it for heating hot water additionally.

we don't want to spend more than is appropriate, but we appreciate the many reasons to get a quality product - warranties, parts availability, ease of use, reliability, safety. We do not really need to plan for much growth, either, as this is destined to be a lower-volume, one-man operation.

any concise advice on which brand and configuration?

thanks in advance!

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Electric - Reimers Model RH60-25

Natural Gas - Fulton ICS or ICX 6

Those are two that I've had good luck with, and there should be a dealer nearby no matter where you live in the USA. Both of those sizes would be adequate for your numbers. I recommend you get a vertical configuration, condensate return, and a dedicated boiler room/closet with temperature controlled shutters for make up air on the NG boiler. Both are reasonably priced, new, and usually deliver within 12 weeks of ordering.

There are tons of options...PM me if you need any assistance :-)

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