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Weighing options to heat still: why not electric in jacket?


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So the still we want to make eau-de-vie is available in an electric configuration. Shopping for boilers, doing the budget, I have to ask the compromises inherent in heating the jacket this way?

We are not heating mash. We are a location. We have all those other expenses to do up-front, as we renovate the barn, etc.

Should we not discount just getting the electric version of the still?

Please advise...

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Electric jacket works fine, but the heat up times are longer than steam. I suggest you use oil as your transfer liquid, rather than water. Glycol will damage your elements, unless they are clad in stainless steel.

Generally, steam jackets are designed a little differently, and electrically heated jackets have more volume. Another option is a static steam jacket fired by natural gas...this is essentially a double boiler on an industrial scale. I've used them in brewing and they work very well, but I've not seen one on a still, yet. If your still is bigger than 75 gallon, or so, then a steam solution will cause you far less frustration!

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What type of glycol and what type elements are you using?

Industrial applications are common with glycol and industrial type electric heater elements.

Electric temperature controllers use either water or glycol/water mix.



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