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Oak, Cypress, and Cedar Fermenters....Oh My!


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I am constructing something like the attached pictures. I've been trying to source the materials and some questions have come up. Please tell me your thoughts on these:

1. Since the alcohol SG will likely only get to 10% or so over the fermentation cycle, does the wood still need to be aged a few years to remove some of the tannins ?

2. I have seen the cypress fermenters from Confederate and they look nice, but I'd like to hear members opinion (especially if you've tried it) on using these different wood types to ferment in?

Thank you in advance



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We're planning on doing something very similar. I'd thought about the necessity to age the wood, but honestly am not completely sold on the need. Some of the tannins will leach out into the wash, but given the low ABV I don't think it's going to be anything significant - and certainly there won't be anything residual, post-distillation.

The overall aesthetic is totally cool.

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From Paul @ Confederate Stills of Alabama

Cypress has a zero flavor impact on the mash....that's why Jack Daniels and so many others used it long ago.

Barrels obviously can be made from oak, but these do impart some "oaky" flavoring to the mash....as to whether this carries over in the alcohol vapor is widely debated.

Cedar is far softer a wood than oak or even cypress, also for my tanks, I use super select cypress....perfectly straight and worm holes free.....have you ever seen a cypress board with no knots....? me neither.

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