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New Distillery Tanks for Sale!

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All tanks are made by Letina Inox and are new unused tanks. Tanks will be available for shipment end of July unless otherwise specified. We are taking reservation payments on all tanks coming in.

Letina 1030 Gallon Slope Bottom V/C Tank (5 Available for immediate shipment)-$7,395.00

Letina 1100 Gallon Closed top Jacketed Storage Tank (5 available End of July)-$6,595.00

Letina 165 Gallon Flat Bottom V/C Tank-(5 available for immediate shipment)-Special-$1000.00

Letina 500 Gallon Jacketed Slope Bottom V/C Tank (6 available for immediate shipment)-$4,495.00

Letina 500 Gallon Closed top/jacketed White Fermenter (2 available for immediate shipment)- $5795.00

Letina 530 Gallon Mix tank ( 4 Available end of July)-$4,695.00

Letina 1320 Gallon closed top jacketed tank (5 available end of July-$7,250.00

Letina 1050 Gallon Mix Tank Mixer included (4 available end of July)-$9,795.00

Letina 1635 Gallon Closed Top jacketed storage tank (4 available end of July)-$9,395.00

Letina 2310 Gallon closed Top storage tank (4 available end of July) -$10,850.00

Letina 2747 Gallon Closed Top Jacketed tank (3 available end of July)-$11,540.00

All tanks are FOB Portland, OR. For more information, pictures or drawings please contact:

Sean Ager



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