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Water Lab Analysis


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We are finalizing a location that has municipal water. I went ahead and had the relatively inexpensive ($100) Whitelabs report done. I'm posting here so that 1) if anyone has expertise in this area they can let us know if there are any red flags for this water and what kind of treatment we might want to consider and 2) so that other can see the types of info you get from Whitelabs just in case others are considering the analysis.

Here are some basics about our water use:

We plan to use water both for running a cooling coil/jacket for crash cooling and keeping fermenters cool and also the same water for mashing and for use in cooling during distillation runs. So we are concerned primarily about 1) the water quality ruining equipment and 2) the water quality hurting fermentation yields or flavors in the distillate.

If it matters, we tentatively plan to run municipal water straight in the condenser and then out into a holding tank for use in mashing. The hope is to avoid having to buy a large chiller. We would probably buy a smaller chiller for use to control fermentation temperatures during the summer. We understand we would still be using more water in the condenser for distillation that we might need for mashing but the cost of water should be significantly less to start out then investing from the get go with a large chiller. Eventually we would buy a chiller.

Our analysis is attached. Thanks!

Water Analysis White Labs - Copy.pdf

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