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flow through Wort/Mash Cooling

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launching a new product to us, sold as part of distillery packages currently, but eventually we'll keep stock on these.

Counter Flow, Tube in shell cooler.

use your mash transfer pump to pump out of your Mash tun, through the cooler and back into the tun.

outer shell can use water or glycol for cooling

40ft of cooling on 2" tube.


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Mendo...there is a big range of cooling tower prices out there, too (features and "agency" capacity ratings have something to do with it.

I personally prefer "dry" coolers, you can get the benefit of cold weather cooler without worry about freeze-up as well as easier switchover to using a chiller in summer hot months.

Water treatment is another cost issue that many just prefer to overlook and "turn-off"- I've seen untreated water cut through a steel reservoir and the sides of a galvanized tank in less than 10 years.

If it's low cost you want, the fiberglass variety are least expensive, but many need to be assembled, "tied" down and have drain issues as well.

I can get you a price on a fiberglass unit, but you would be happier in the long run with a drycooler, I am pretty sure.


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Like a shell and tube exchanger the heat transfer depends on flow across the surface (like a Mueller falling film exchanger).

The distance between the plates would be extremely important to keep the flow moving properly.

I would think it is a matter who is doing the application design.

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