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100g handbuilt copper still…..


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Sorry for being a little late to the party, but I thought I'd share some pics of our newest build here at Craftsman Copper. Mike Haney from Hillbilly Stills contracted me to build a 100 gallon still for him, so here it is…oh and Mike, it would be great if you could post up some pics of it when you're done. (He is adding stainless components on his end, and I never took a "finished" picture) But I digress, here are the pics:








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Nice looking still.

I see a bass amp in the background as well as a guitar case, drums and a keyboard (an old Mellotron?). Seems like being a musician and distilling go hand in hand!

I own Silvertone Mastering myself but have been learning "the craft" from John up at Lake George Distilling Company (thank you John!).

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great looking still! I do a lot of brazing and would love to build something like that myself. if you don't mind sharing how much did you spend in materials to build that thing?

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