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Getting Started in Reno

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Hello everyone,

I figured it is time to stop lurking from the guest-realm and finally stop in and introduce myself.

I am Earl and with a partner who has a head for the management and financial side of things that I am not so solid with I am working on opening up in the Reno, NV area. I want to say thanks to everyone hear. You have all given lots of great advice for me to get lost in and the members I have contacted outside of the forums have been super helpful.

If everything goes according to plan (yeah right) we should be searching for the all important funds to get off the ground shortly. It has been most of the year so far just to get our business plan to this state and we couldn't have done it without the resources of ADI and all the great info here.


Lost River Spirits

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Welcome, Earl!

You aren't too far from Salt Lake...feel free to drop by and talk shop, anytime :-)

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