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So I'm looking at a space for a distillery and it needs drainage added. I have been asked what kind of drain I need! just a regular sink drain or something bigger?

This leads me to the questions;

1) what kind of floor drains are there?

2) what kind of floor drain would I need to operate a 150 gallon electric still?

Any answers would be appreciated.

Cheers, Austin

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If you are able, find a place with trench drains and sloped floors or have them installed. Your life will be much easier. I needed to replace portions of the slab in my building (too thin and unreinforced for my tank sizes), so I had drains installed. Best money I've spent.

Also, if you ever make your way to central Wisconsin, I'd love to show you around my joint!


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Hey Austin...drainage is really important...getting it right will save you a lot of time and money. Feel free to PM me if you have specific questions :-)

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