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Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference 2005 Proceedings

Glenn Raudins

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For those people who have been waiting, it appears the conference proceedings from the Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference 2005 have been published. You can see the table of contents here:

Distilled Spirits - Production, Technology And Innovation

Amazon seems to have a good price on it, until it arrives:

Amazon: Distilled Spirits book

Disclaimer: I have no association with the product nor have I seen it yet, but have ordered it, so I can let people know what I think when it arrives.


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Guest sensei

To someone well versed with its contents, this will seem an asinine question. However, I have to ask in what ways exactly will this book prove useful for the micro-distiller or potential distiller?

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I have the 2002 proceedings (Distilled Spirits Tradition and Innovation), and can speak about those. (Can't comment on the 2005 proceedings until I receive them.) The papers presented in them cover many different levels of topics. Some are definitely beyond the scope of a micro-distiller, but others are well suited. Flavor development, technical production aspects of specific spirits, marketing/market direction, new wood usage, etc. I guess you have to decide if reading these types of technical articles have interest for you or you feel you can work the ideas into your production. You can go to the conference site to get more information on the presenters and topics:

2005 Distilling Conferences

I am interested to read an article by a presenter from Angostura, entitled: FROM SUGARCANE TO RUM – THE TECHNOLOGY OF RUM MAKING. I assume they will have some interesting insights into the whole process.

Hope this helps,


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