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Sherry Barrels for Sale

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I am writing from TONELERÍA JUAN PINO http://www.toneleriajuanpino.es/ a family run business based in Montilla (Córdoba, Spain) which specialises in the production of a very large variety of barrels made from genuine American oak wood. Casks are also available in European Oak wood. The raw materials are duly treated in order to make top-quality products which fully comply with the regulations implemented by the European Union. In particular, the wooden components undergo a meticulous process until they reach the right humidity and the appropriate tannic content. Furthermore, the barrels can be toasted according to the needs of their customers, so that they can provide the necessary conditions which are required to produce every sort of wine or spirit.

The company also supplies premium quality ex sherry barrels, mainly ex oloroso and ex PX casks. They are available in different sizes (500 litre butts, 250 litre puncheons and hogsheads).

This complex and painstaking elaboration process is based on traditional techniques which result in making barrels suitable to elaborate the very best wines and spirits. Despite JUAN PINO’S foundation dates from the early 90’s, the company’s owners have a previous and extensive experience within the industry. Several generations of the same family have been involved in this activity, passing their know-how on to their descendants.

Our company has developed two different lines of products: The classic barrels range from 200 to 500 litres, the largest ones are commonly used in the production of wine whereas those of 250 litres are mainly used to make whisky and other spirits. The second line of products are barrels and other items for decorating purposes such as barrel-shaped clocks, display cabinets and ice buckets, sets of table with chairs etc…

If you are interested please contact me on my email: david@tradelink-uk.com



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