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Need a Bonding/ insurance Recommendation?


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Just wanted to give a shout out to Aaron "Insurance Man" Linden. He's currently helping me with bonding and insurance and has been extremely responsive to all of my questions and has proven to be more knowledgeable than any of the others I spoke with about bonding/ insurance. All in all he's been one of the most helpful people I've dealt with during the entire startup process. I'd highly recommend him! (No, I am not being compensated for this)

He can be reached at (307)752-5961 OR aaron.linden@hubinternational.com

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I can fully agree with StonesRyan here, Aaron Linden is THE MAN when it comes to bonding and insurance, best prices and best knowledge period. I talked with many insurance people before him and not only did i have to constantly remind them that i was not a brewery, but Aaron's yearly rates were less than some of the monthly rates that some others have quoted. So many other insurance companies were quoting rates as if I was starting a business trying to teach people how to juggle chainsaws!

Anyone who is starting a business or owns a business knows that the hardest thing to find these days is someone who you do not have to ride them to do there job. Aaron is not only on top of things but he also knows and loves his job, a combination that is really hard to find these days. I highly recommend him.

Calder Curtis

Cockpit Craft Distillery

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