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Complete 26 gallon 4 bubble plate w/deph set up and more...

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Hey all,

I'm bowing out after 7 years. Just received the TTB form letter and although I believe this to be a scare tactic, I have a wife, kid and a good job that's not worth any amount of risk. I have been through several stills and recently just put this one together. The still and boiler have only been used three times. Everything I buy is top or near top of the line, no junk. Listed below is everything you could ever need plus.


  • 4" x 4 bubble plate still. This still was put together with the best parts from a couple sites. The bubble plates, dephlag, hose system and parrot are Still Dragon and the copper T's with 3" sight glasses are from Mile Hi.
  • 26 gallon boiler is from Hillbilly stills and includes 8" top opening, 1 1/2" filler neck and a 2" element fitting and spigot
  • 30 gallon barrel dolly that fits it perfectly and makes it easy to maneuver for filling and dumping.
  • Controller, element box, 5500 watt element. The element box with 2" ferrule attached was bought off of Home distillers. The controller was professionally made by a local electronics business. The unit was tested for safety and they even added tow 30 amp fuses just in case things went sideways on you. Huge heat sink and a mounting bracket. Heat sink has heat label on it to show you current temp. The element included is the ultra low watt S shaped fold back model.
  • 3" Strainer/filter from brewers hardware that includes an additional .3 micron filter. It works great with the pump (see below) to get your AG wash ready to go without the worry of scorching. It also great if you are ready to run but the wash hasn't fully cleared.
  • Shureflo 3.3 gpm pump mounted to a cleanable surface with a 10' extension cord for a plug.


  • Completely insulated cabinet with temp controller that turns reptile heat film on and off to keep your temps up during the winter. Work fantastic.
  • 2 60L/15 gallon Speidel fermenters from more beer. Come with everything including the unused spigots for the bottom, 2 airlocks plus an extra brand new one just in case.


  • Barley Crusher grain mill and 7 amp drill. Will include a 5 gallon bucket or two as well
  • Blichmann SS burner with leg extensions and original shorter legs
  • 26 gallong mash tun with false bottom and ss paddle, whisk and extra large strainer
  • 50' x 1/2" Immersion chiller with soldered on fittings. Works great in the fermenters.
  • Grain: 50lbs raw rye, 50 lbs malted rye, 2lbs rice hulls, 50 lbs of distillers malt and a few smaller bags of 2 and 6 row barley.
  • Refractometer with Brix and SG, laser temp, SG hydrometer, alcohol hydrometer, flash light to look into still windows during start up, paint strainer bags for AG straining, you can even have the three shelf plastic unit as well. Several extras not listed.


  • 1- 3.3 gallon Gibbs Bro's barrell that has only been used 2x. Should have at least 3 or 4 more good aging cycles before it's near neutral.

All of this together cost me over $5,000 and everything is in excellent shape. Still and boiler are still new. Feel free to shoot me an offer.


Equipment is in WA state.

I have several pics but they are all too big for the site. Hit me up at araider24@gmail.com if you want to see the pics of the equipment.

You can text me at 360-561-6211.


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All still sales are supposed to be reported to the TTB. The TTB is going through the reported sales of known startup still makers and sending out a "form letter" letting purchasers know that the TTB is aware of their still purchase and that unless they have a permit to distill alcohol, they are likely breaking the law. They also cited the recent sting operation with cooperation between TTB and the FL alcohol bureau or whatever it's called that resulted in "X" amount of arrests.

We purchased our stills through Hillbilly Stills and got a letter last week from TTB. No problem for us, we are a registered and bonded distillery. But for others, this could be problematic.

If the TTB would have done any homework,they would have known that I as the purchaser of said still am also owner of a registered TTB business.

Bottom line, if you are buying stills or parts to build a still from known still builders, and you do not have a permit to distill alcohol, you are taking a big chance that your little hobby may become a very expensive trip to a defense attorney.

ADI does not endorse hobby distilling without a proper TTB permits. Stay legal people.

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You are in washington state. How many federally illegal operations are going on in your state? Think Medical and Recreational Marijuana. Granted I do have my federal permit now, when I didn't, I wasn't concerned about distilling at home one bit, and I did get a letter like that back in the day, why was I not concerned? Telluride has population of 3,200 people. We have 5 Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries pulling in over a million in sales every year. Every single garage in my area has full Hydro set ups. The feds have way more to worry about than my little kitchen still. I am not condoning illegal home distilling at all, but if the feds came to Washington State I highly doubt you would be on their list of places to stop at.

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Yeah, the TTB has been (for over a year I think) collecting data from all still sales from the business selling them. They have info on me for a 2" brewhaus still with an 8 gallon boiler. The letter was an overview of what is legal and illegal and that they know I have a still. The also included a second letter about a bust in Florida from a couple years ago. A couple of other I know got the letters last week as well. We all agree it's a scare tactic and very unlikely to amount to anything. But the TTB does have my home address and knowledge that I bought a distiller several years ago. Not worth that nagging feeling in the back of my mind at this point.

I have 28 pics so if you ask for pics I'll send you pics of the still, boiler, fermenters, burner and BOP and the strainer. If you want more just let me know in a f/u email.

**The still is NOT a flute!" Flutes come with sieve plates that are significantly less to make and in my experience less reliable as the distance of the down comer from the next plate in line can collapse the plate if to far above. Hole size and side wall shunting also affect the sieve plates. The bubble plates use a 1/2 triclamp gasket that traps the plate between the T's so each one is water tight. I also got the premium parrot with dump valve, extra long shotgun condesner etc. All parts for this "build" were sourced from what I felt was the best all the internet manufacturers had to offer. The still alone was $1900 after all put together with clamps, hose pack etc, bubble plates etc.

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