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New Crafters Glass Stock Bottle - The Woodsman


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The Woodsman - A Craft Design For Craft Distilleries

A versatile, timeless bottle. Designed for the American spirits market, with classic, new-world styling. Inspired by antique American whiskey and gin designs from the 18th and early 19th centuries. Simple enough to be transformed by your brand/product into something we never imagined.
"When I thumb through the glass catalogues at the available designs being offered by most glass companies, I don’t see much that would really resonate with the American market. There are some, but in this burgeoning market, they have been used and overused by everyone, everywhere. You can’t get away from the same 4 or 5 favorites, so it’s hard to stand out."
For those designs that haven’t been used a thousand times over, it’s clear why. The shapes of the bottles are all wrong. They are tall, slender, curvy and overall very European - even feminine. Most of the distillers I’ve worked with - especially whiskey makers, but gin as well - want something a little more classic than that. A little more scrappy, boot-strappy. Something that looks back on the history of the entire industry with pride and respect. Their products are classic and timeless. They produce using the same ingredients and same techniques as their forebears did over a hundred years ago. There’s nothing “modern” about bourbon or rye. The brand should reflect those values. And the bottle is a big part of the brand image - a very big part - the foundation even. This bottle doesn’t quite tell that entire story all by itself - nor should it. But it it doesn’t get in the way either. It lets you tell your own story and it quietly agrees. All the while a little bit working man. A little bit gentleman. 100% Craft."
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@OldSpye Thanks for the kind words. Were really excited on how it came out, we designed it specifically with the craft distiller in mind. I have attached picture below again for anyone who would still like to see it...

Crafters Glass - The Woodsman

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