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Are you an assistant distiller looking for a promotion?

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I am consulting on a new distillery in New Jersey. It will be located in northern New Jersey near Rockaway.

The primary investor is handling the capital and financing for the new craft distillery, but needs to hire a head distiller.

This is a distillery that is very well funded and will not be your typical craft distillery in terms of size.

It will be on the larger end of the scale.

We are preparing to hire our head distiller with a projected start date of September 1st.

Are you an assistant distiller and looking for a promotion? Are you ready to take your skills to the next level?

If so, contact me via PM or email.

I will be posting a full job description in a few days. But feel free to send us your resume if you are interested.


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The location is in New Jersey near Rockaway. This is in a very high net worth region of the country.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime. If I didn't have 3 kids and a distillery in Idaho, I would be jumping at this.

We are consulting on the project using our experience from Grand Teton Distillery to get this new distillery off to a successful start.

Job Description: The Head Distiller is responsible for the day to day activities associated with the production of spirits from grain to glass.

Duties include:

Milling – corn, wheat, rye, barley & ensuring proper grind size for each recipe/from batch to batch
Mashing - maintaining consistency & implementing changes in controllable way
Distilling – stripping and rectification
Tasting – making cuts (quality analysis - appearance, smell, taste)
Proofing – for record keeping, bottling and barreling
Barreling - preparing, filling, labeling and stacking
Bottling - setup, fill level control, supervision and management of volunteer list
Blending - measuring ingredients and mixing
Record keeping – daily, weekly, monthly; inventory - packaged & raw materials; TTB Reporting
Quality control - at all stages
Cleaning and sanitizing - all equipment
Preventative Maintenance

Required Qualifications:

Serious commitment to Head Distiller career
Desire to create the highest quality spirits
Detail oriented
Mechanically inclined
Proficient with computer software including Microsoft Word and Excel.
Ability to work independently
Enjoy engaging with public through tours, tastings, festivals, and events
Solid personal skills and professional appearance when dealing with the public
Ability to drive a forklift
Ability to lift 50 lbs bags of grain and potatoes


*Competitive salary based upon previous work experience and expertise
*Equity Stock Options in the business
*Relocation available on a situation by situation basis
*Benefit package will include, medical insurance, vacation and personal days

Women and veterans encouraged to apply.

Anticipated Start Date of September 1st, 2014

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