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Adding Still After DSP

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We will be applying for our DSP shortly. We have pretty much set on one still but may settle on adding a second still as well. We should be in a position to know for certain if the second still will be added in about 30 days.

We'd like to file the DSP now with one serial number for a still and add a second serial number for the second still if we choose to add it. Does anyone have experience with this?

If its going to be a 90-120 process to add the second still, we may choose to wait and just apply for the DSP when we are certain of all equipment we will be using.

For those that have added equipment after getting the DSP, what was the process and how long did it take?


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Similar situation here. Just called the TTB. They said " sure no problem, go ahead and file with the still u have, its about 30 days to add a piece of major equipment". They did also remind me that I shouldn't use that new piece of equipment until it goes through. Scrounge

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I'm about to "file" for my dsp, and am in a similar situation where I have a small still, and another larger one being built. I called the TTB to ask how this was or should play out, there reply was to go ahead and "file"-apply or however u would like to word it, with the serial # on my small still, if I would like, and I can add the larger one as soon as I get a serial # for it. They did mention that I can't run my larger still, even if my dsp is approved, until it is added, which they quoted as taking approx 30 days right now. Hope that clears up my comment for you. How u do this? Well I haven't done it yet, but I'm told u can go online and add equipment to your dsp. Just throwing out the tid bit of info, as how to handle this was on my mind when I read the OP. scrounge

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