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Tasting room and Tour numbers

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Just trying to gauge the amount of traffic everyone is getting in their tasting room for planning purposes. Any rough numbers would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to do some projections on number of visitors, tastings, and on site retail sales.



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Hey Andrew,

I think the general consensus from everybody is that it's going to depend on your location. When I estimated for my traffic, I polled distilleries with a location similar to mine. I was also very fortunate to have a winery located right down the street from my location that was able to fill me in on their estimated tourist and tour bus numbers.

After I felt I had a conservative traffic estimate, the percentage of people who bought a bottle was next. I consistently heard 50% to 75%. For my business model, I'm using 60% and feel like I'm being conservative. I'm not up and running yet, so others on here who are can probably give you a better idea. Hope it helps.

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