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Christmas Comes Early - TTB Electronic Bonds

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Good Day Dear ADI'ers,

I am about as excited as a kid on Christmas morning (or any other holiday as to not exclude anyone)!!! I was just on the phone with the TTB (a few different times to make sure that the answer was the same multiple times) and was assured that the process for submitting your TTB DSP bond has now become a very simple process for those of you doing your permit application on line.

Back in April the TTB had announced that they would consider doing the full application process on line, however it seemed that no one really knew how they would treat what I consider on of the biggest factors .... How they would treat or process the bond. A little history for those of you new to the process ..... Back in the day the TTB would require for the Surety (or insurance agent) to process the Distilled Spirits Bond, attach a power-of-attorney form, crimp seal the Bond form, sign it and send it off to the distillery (in duplicate) in order for it to be considered an "executed bond form". Then the authorized party at the distillery would have to sign each copy and submit both copies to the TTB in Ohio for approval. Once approved they would keep one of the bond forms and send the other back to you at the distillery for your files. Fast forward to today .......

The TTB will now allow for the insurance agent (me of course, if it is anyone else we really need to talk) to still execute the bond form in the same manner but now once I have sealed it and signed it I can send it to you in an electronic format (most likely a PDF), then you can simply print it off, sign it and have it witnessed or sealed with your corporate seal if you have one, simply scan it again into a PDF and upload it as an attachment. Only one copy now, not duplicates and viola!!!

No more having to overnight things to get them there in time. No more having to duplicate all of the work and make sure each copy is EXACTLY, PAINSTAKINGLY the same for fear of the TTB rejecting it. No more worrying that it may get lost in the mail with out a tracking number and delay the process. Man, if you are a craft/micro distillery and insurance nerd like me you are geeking out right now. This literally gives me (because I am InsuranceMan, super insurer of the universe) the ability to take these bonds from the application process to approval to the executed bond in your hands in an electronic format all within about 24 hours! See, I'm geeking out here but this is really great. Taking this process down from what use to be several days if not weeks to a day, that is good stuff. Oh what a great time in which we live.

As I have said before, I am always working to improve your insurance experience. I encourage anyone with a pre-existing bond or a need for a first time bond or anyone in-between to give me a call. I know more about bonding and insurance than dang near anyone else in the country and my program and rates are unbeatable. If you have not read my white paper posted on the form, do it! I look forward to working with anyone on their bonds and insurance needs at any time. Feel free to call me on my personal cell phone at 307-752-5961 and let me show you what makes me the super insurance hero that I am.

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