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mash residue


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It sounds as if you screened the solids out after fermentation and before distilling. It will be alcoholic and not a good idea to feed to any animals except in very small amounts.

Non alcoholic spent mash has a lot of nutrition for animals, I feed it to my farm animals.

Feeding any wildlife is not a good idea because it disturbs the natural balance in the local ecosystem.

eg, a visitor to my distillery last week told me she had fed a couple of wild galas, the next day a few more arrived, then a few more so she stopped feeding them. Next day she came home and a big flock had come and totally ripped her wooden pergola to shreds.

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to pete b

Dont plan on disturbing wild life balance,but i am a hunter and am using it as bait. I doubt that they would suffer from any liver disease during my short distilling season

Liver disease no, but lead poisoning yes.

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