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Experienced Distiller Wanted


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The Master Distiller will be responsible for developing and crafting our collection of distilled spirits; planning and executing distillation operations, overseeing production, and managing inventory.

Scope of Position:

  • Responsible for the entire distilling and quality control process, therefore should be well versed in scheduling distilling and fermentation, aging and packaging operations.
  • Manage and develop procedures for operations and quality control
  • Manage and monitor all operational needs; materials and staffing.
  • Manage productivity of operations
  • Ensure consistent quality and taste profiles for each product
  • Enjoy engaging with the public at events.


  • Entrepreneurial spirit.
  • B.A. degree, preferably in chemistry or a related field
  • 3-5 years’ experience as a qualified distiller
  • Experience in creating various spirits, including: rye whiskey, bourbon, rum and gin.
  • Strong relationship management skills.
  • Strong financial and analytical skills; Proficient in Excel
  • Strong mechanical background
  • Familiar with fermentation (brewing background would be ideal)
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I have 10years in the distilling industy and have sound knowledge in rewing, distilling and product design. I have a string of internation medals for the products I have produced as well as top awards for my packaging design. If you are interested I can send my CV. What are the ters and conditions of the position? Some of my products and distillery are as follows:





Look forward to your response.

Mark Watkins, Head Distiller.

Mt. Uncle Distillery

1819 Chewko Rd, Walkamin.

Qld. 4872. Australia.

Phone: (07) 40 868 008

Mobile: 0439 763 261

Fax: (07) 40 933 716

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Thinking of moving are you Mark, any idea where this job might be?

Maybe it is another startup in Tasmania

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