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full featured electric bain marie still

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Mad Buffalo Distillery, in Union Missouri, has been running our prototype unit through its paces. Now we feel its ready for prime time.

150 gallon charge capacity

12" bubblecap column

electric heat with vegetable oil as a hex fluid

2hp agitator, with explosion proof motor

full CIP (again explosion proof)

below you can see Chris at Mad Buffalo getting ready for a whiskey run,

and bottom most picture is a (steam) full modular system with all the bells and whistles that we can do do in full electric now.

Electric bain marie is great for the application where steam is just not an option, Natural gas isn't available, or for a "Green" installation where electric heat is preferred.



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Looks fantastic! Definitely makes me want to place an order for one of your stills today... damn due diligence! Did I read that wrong or am I to understand bain marie can be "fired" with natural gas instead of heating elements?

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anyone who makes bourbon that good, deserves a beautiful still to do it on, so Chris is earning it every day.

Black Heart, Your still should be shipping by end of month, so you'll have your own new shiny still to play with as well.

This will be your 3rd ASD still, and a very nice upgrade.

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Did I read that wrong or am I to understand bain marie can be "fired" with natural gas instead of heating elements?

I have thought about building a wood or natural gas fired Bain Marie still, infact I do have some designs I've drawn up puzzling it through.

I know I can build it, and I know i can build it safe, however the possibility of an alcohol spill, or boil over or some other unforeseen incident could potentially injure some one.

i'm sure most of us have heard about the recent distillery fire that put someone in the hospital with major burns, I don't want to be the one responsible for doing that to anyone.

so for now direct heat or indirect heat by open flame is something that I just can do in good conscience.

I know it can be done, with an attentive distiller, it can be safe, but there are just so much safer ways it can be done.

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Chris is a HUGE slacker and does not deserve such a beautiful apparatus.

I did get to lay my hands on this thing and these pics do not do it justice. It's absolutely beautiful.

yours is on its way now Blackheart.

its got a few more upgrades than the standard rig, such as visible worm condenser and cleaning solution reclamation tanks plumbed into the CIP system


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