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Another starting in Minnesota

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Hello ADI!

I lurk quite a bit and I figure it's time for a brief introduction.

Skaalvenn Distillery is located in the Minneapolis / St Paul area of Minnesota. We have our space/address but we prefer to follow our marketing timeline and wish to keep everything somewhat under wraps for the time being.

Our name is a combination of two words.

  • Skaal is the traditional spelling of the popular Norwegian world "skål" which most people know means "cheers". (aa is also much much easier to type on an English keyboard)
  • Venn is the Norwegian word for "friends"

So, Skaalvenn = Cheers Friends!

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Hi! likewise if I can be of assistance on cooling systems design, give me a shout.

I should be having some pictures up on installations in the coming months and will keep you advised.


Mike Gronski

MG Thermal Consulting


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Thanks Aaron! Just let me know when you'll be around and I'll be sure to make the arrangements.

It's just a shame that you couldn't come here during the State Fair and have a banquet on a stick (or 4)!

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