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Cleaning Stainless Tanks


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I make liqueurs using natural products , fruits, coffee etc. I'm trying to keep my tanks a clean as possible but am having some difficulty removing a stain residue from the stainless. I've tried soaking the tanks with an Alconox solution over a couple of days . It removed some stain but not much. Any recommendations or techniques or cleaning materials will be much appreciated. I don't want to have to purchase tanks for each of my flavors.

Please comment here or if you wish email me at galinc@comcast.net


Dick G

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I would contact one of these companies that sells cleaning chemicals for the spirits industry. They should be able to guide you.

Loeffler Chemical Corporation 800-769-5020

Loyalty Chemical in San Jose 408.292.9100

Birko Corporation 800.525.0476

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For stainless I'd recommend something like Loeffler's Lerapur 283 to remove most any staining. You may need to follow it with an acid passivation cycle. Good luck!

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