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Receiving and Processing Tax-Paid Bulk Spirits

Max Action

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Let's say you're a licensed DSP that re-distills NGS to make gin, and you need to switch to a new bulk spirits supplier. You're in a hurry and don't want to wait 2-3 weeks for a new transfer in bond application.

Can you just pay the excise taxes at the time of purchase and later receive a credit on your own excise tax return? How would you go about doing that? Would there be any issue processing tax-paid spirits in your bonded area?

The TTB monthly reports don't exactly have an obvious field to account for and track tax-paid bulk spirits. The excise tax return has a section for credits decreasing amount of tax due, but the instructions don't explicitly detail this sort of scenario.


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Don't think you can, and I'd be surprised if your new bulk supplier would ship without transfer-in-bond papers...even if you paid excise. I think the quantity shipped is over the limit for excise packaged product.

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