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Finishing up with final dsp documentation questions!


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We finally got to the last section of the DSP application!!!! And of course we have a few questions:

Under Statements and Documents, it is requesting (based on our application):

Source of Funds Documentation. What is it they want, exactly? Bank statements?

Organizational Documents (3 times): Operating Agreement, Lease, Articles of Organization from our state? I'm just guessing here....

If anyone can help me with these last items I would be eternally grateful. Thank you in advance!

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Yes, 5 months of bank or brokerage statements that prove it is your money. Basically they want to make sure that the mafia didn't just give you a check and verify that you are not the front person for somebody else. Remember the movie Casino when they had that guy be the official CEO, but it was really Robert De Niro running it for the real mafia boss owners. There are some people that cannot obtain a DSP due to their history, so they are willing to pay a person to be their straw man buyer.

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