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Anyone have access to Sales Statistics of Spirits by Month?

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I am working on our Business Plan, and I want to develop a cash-flow projection that takes into account seasonal variation. For example, I know that February is going to be slower than August, but I'd like to have verifiable statistics to backup my projections.

I have seen some things on the web, but they were through pay services. Does anyone have access to, or know of a source of legit sales figures for spirits in the US/Canada as they vary by month?

I'm in a high tourism area and expect a tourism bump during summer months. If there are any stats that address direct-to-consumer spirit sales in tourist areas, that is a bonus too.

Much thanks,

Michael Rosser

Fairall Brewery & Distillery

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I can't answer your question directly, but I question the value of the data you are looking for. As an aside, if you are talking seasons, my first question is "what are you making?" If you are a making booze that has a season (e.g., gin) you should adjust your projections to weight the time that the particular spirit is in season.

Second, bottle shops and distributors have this info (even if anecdotal). You may be too early for a distributor, but a 10 minute conversation with your local bottle shop should tell you all you need to know about seasonal adjustments by product. This approach seems most appropriate for a tourist-y area as your customer base is unique to the population of persons attracted to your particular tourist attraction; in other words, your experience will be vastly different than the broad U.S. average sales or even the sales from a region.

There are a ton of posts looking for biz plan help. Problem is, most of what anyone could tell you isn't worth half of what you can figure on your own because you know your market. Best of luck to you.


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The PLCB has a wealth of published info and reports. Depending on your location and type of product it may be helpful.

This report includes a chart for sales by month of all product types (wine and liquor):



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