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Affordable Distillery Equipment


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Hello Everybody, We have just updated our web site http://distillery-equipment.com. We have lots of parts and equipment for sale, with all prices listed and a shopping cart for check out. We built the site ourselves, so it is not fancy. We also have equipment and parts for sale on Ebay www.ebay.com/sch/affordable-distilling/m.html Our prices are lower than our competitors, because we have very low overhead and slimmer profit margins. We have sold equipment to many legal distilleries and we would be glad to supply a reference list to anyone who requests one by email. If you would like to see our equipment in operation, then email us and we will make arrangements for you to visit one of our customers. We will be listing more equipment and parts on the web site as time moves forward.

Not yet Listed: 80 gallon Backwoods Series Steam Jacketed Still with a 230VAC Single Phase Self Contained UL Listed Steam Heating System 298° @ 50PSI, 1/2hp 35rpm 230VAC Single Phase Agitator, 6" diameter 4 Bubble Plate Copper Column with Tube and Shell Dephlegmator and Tube and Shell Condenser Price = $7,995.00. Built in the USA? email paul@distillery-equipment.com for more details on this one.

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Paul is everything manufactured by you or do you outsource projects to the Chinese manufacturers? I'd love to see some pics of the 80 gallon steam system. Would love to get a steam still without the need to get a boiler.

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Some of our equipment is built here at our facility in MO. and some is build to my designs and specs in China. Our self-contained steam jacketed stills are built here in the USA and they are UL listed. I will not be listing these stills on my web site for a while, because the information about them is proprietary. If you are interested in them you will need to email me privately paul@distillery-equipment.com or call 417-778-6100 We also have a great deal of equipment on our web site at http://distillery-equipment.com We also have lots of tri clamp and other parts for still builders. Soon we will have copper sheet and plate plus a wide selection of stainless and copper pipe.

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