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Master Distillers 1000ml Distillation Kit for small batch testing

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For the craft distilling industry where frequent small batch testing is required, we are proud to offer our master distillers kit. The foundation of this kit is our new heating mantle and easy to read dial thermometer (0 - 220 f) With this combination you can accurately heat and hold your batch much more precisely than is possible with a hot plate and spirit thermometer. This is a complete kit, nothing more to buy. With a water source and 110v power outlet you will be able to begin distillations immediately. This set includes:

Support Stand, 20" tall with solid cast iron base

Flask Clamps, with cork-lined jaws and fully adjustable reach to 9"

Laboratory-grade Borosilicate glass Distillation Glassware 1000ml capacity (boiling flask and condenser)

Dial thermometer, 0-220 F with 2 degree graduations

Cooling water tubing and faucet adapters

110V Heating, 1000ml size



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My company has bought a few of these. We recommend them to clients for section 19.376 as well as working toward your final gin recipe. At the price / quality you really can't go wrong. My advice: buy a few extra flasks!

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