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Couch Time - Free review of TTB Monthly Reports

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I've got some planned couch time next week (hint: it involves a bag of frozen peas...). While I'm sitting around trying to watching sports while trying to avoid bad daytime tv, I figure I'd take advantage of the downtime.

If anyone is wondering if they are filling out the monthly TTB reports correctly or if you just want a quick check to see if they are putting everything in the right boxes, shoot me a copy of your last month's report and I'll take a quick look for free. I'll send you any notes on what I see or any corrections that I think you may need to look into. If it's really bad and might cause a TTB red flag (like if you are entering in your tax paid withdrawals on the wrong line or wrong form, for example), we can set up a quick conf call to discuss.

So shoot me a note!


Donald Snyder


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Don't wait. Just send them before he comes to his senses! Donald has been a lifesaver for me. I tend to fill in the wrong boxes from time to time, and I think he has finally gotten me on the right track.

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Donald sorry to here of your unplanned rest. Hope recuperation is swift and sure.

Now for the other folks. I can't recommend Donald enough to help out with TTB Reporting. Super knowledgable on the subject matter. Anyone not using his software should, or at the least take him up on his offer for a second set of eyes. Skillful eyes that is. He will fill in the blanks that we all have on reporting.

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