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New Cooperage Cooperative

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Hey everybody,

My name is Benny. I'm a woodworker and bartender in Baltimore who, along with several other woodworkers, are interested in starting an artisan cooperage with a focus on creating barrels for use in distilleries. It'll be a while (~year) before we are at a production capacity to start really shipping barrels, but it's coming.

I'm hoping this is a great place to learn more about specifics to coopering barrels beyond the woodwork, such as which chars create what flavors, woods to use besides oak for either finishing whiskey or aging other spirits, etc.


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Hi Benny, my name is Mahad and I am the owner of D.R. Cooperage and Grain down here in New Mexico.  I hope this message gets to you becasue I have spent the last year developing a kit with plans that turns anyone with little to no woodworking experience into a cooper able to produce my specially designed 27 gallon barrels.  Though it is designed with novices in mind my kit/plans in the hands of skilled woodworkers would allow for quicker manufacturing and introduction of mixed wood barrels (the next level in barrel matruation processes.)  It would be awesome to chat with you.  Coopering can be difficult especially without some of the specially designed tools and fixtures to help cut things like stave shape, but I think i've got the remedy to this know-how issue.  Give me a ring 505-688-6397 or shoot me an email Mahad@DRCooperageandGrain.com.  I believe in the second wave of craft distilling where not only raw materials are locally sourced but the production of tools and aging techniques are also practiced in-house or locally sourced by craftsman.  Another feature to my coopering process is the ability to custom toast/char allowing your barrels to be created with a certain flavor profile in mind and not just a generic fast food style of ordering/production.  "I would like a number #3 medium char please"  


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