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Getting the right still


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It has been years of work to get my distillery going, and a lot has gone wrong and a lot has gone right. I remember all the back and forth about what still to get and who to work with, and I just really want to say that any of you out there looking should look no further than Steven Cage and Artisan Still Design. My project in Hawaii has been tough, but Steven is always available and always comes through no matter what kind or nonsensical customer needs I've had. He works all the time, and really takes pride in what he does. I would say I would do about 75% of everything I did differently if I had it to do again, but I am 100% sure I would buy again from Steven Cage.

Just my 2 cents to anyone in the early stages or looking to go bigger. I get no commission for this. I just think good people should be rewarded for good work.

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Thanks for the unsolicited plug, it always makes me feel proud to be involved with ventures such as this.

I think Manuleles list might be different than folks in other states, as Hawaii has its own oddities.

It would be good to get folks who have gotten up and running involved with creating just such a list.



image of Manulele's still I posted on Facebook just after we got it up and running.

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I will work on this list over the weekend. Steven is right that a lot of my issues are Hawaii-centric, but local and State issues are always important. Permitting and regulations relating to building are problematic everywhere these days. Lesson #1 for me would be don't build any new buildings that require complex permitting. Just look really hard for a space that will work keeping in mind fire suppression needs can be dicey.

Full list to follow. Seriously, though. Steven has been a godsend in all of this. We got Gold at Micro Liquor on our first go around. I had just hoped to reach that milestone in the first few years or production (if ever given all the competition these days). Steven's equipment is absolutely top notch and can't be touched for the price. Our Agricole is absolutely amazing, and that comes from sitting down with Steven and telling him what I wanted to make. Then, he designed a still to do just that. Can't argue with success.

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