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Brewery Distillery shared space


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TTB will require a full demising wall and if by some fluke they don't your local state or municipal officials most likely will. It caused us to scrap a perfect location with a tasting room located inside a large casino. We were going to share the far corner of a 40,000 sq. ft. warehouse attached to a tobacco plant owned by the same local tribe. The TTB wanted a full insulated demising wall with separate utilities and address from us. Would have cost nearly $250,000 just to meet those few requirements. They don't want their taxes getting mixed up in any way. Luckily, we ended up next to a winery about 20 minutes away from there and just a mile down the road from a new casino complex being built.

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I lease space in my building to a brewery that operates next to my DSP. Our spaces are separated by a wall and we each have our own production equipment so no product ever moves between the two spaces. They use my steam boiler to fire their kettle and I will be using their glycol chiller. Physical separation of the spaces is needed.

I believe there is also an option to "share" some of the space/production equipment by using an alternating premises, but it sounds complicated. Previous threads on this topic include some info on the alternating premises option:





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