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sInnovative 50ml Mini-Bottle Packaging

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Hi All,

We're currently using an innovative system we developed for quickly packaging 38mm PET mini-bottles for shipment, display and sale. The response to these from our distributors and the retailers has been overwhelmingly positive. They make merchandising a breeze and they are a very cost-effective and environmentally responsible alternative to cardboard boxes. They are also easy to customize for various markets because you can put signage in the master tray for the specific market it is going to. We decided to sell these to the community because we believe that they're a great improvement over the other options out there.

Mini Bottle Packaging System Full Case

Mini Merchandiser 2

Lone Sleeve

The cardboard trays ship flat and are easily folded into four 12 bottle trays plus 1 master tray. The individual 12 bottle trays (sleeves) are shrink wrapped and then the master tray of 48 bottles total is shrinked. We use a 3x5 sticker for the required case information. The sleeves act as a countertop or on-shelf display for the bottles. We have an illustrator template available for the cards as well.

Mini Bottle Packaging System Breakout

The fastest way to pack these is with an L-Bar sealer and heat gun. We are able to pack over 2000 minis per hour with a team of two people. Your mileage on this may vary, but it is definitely the same speed as packing boxes and looks much better.

You will need 10" shrink film for the 12 pack trays and 24" shrink film for the 48 pack master trays. We can also price out a low-cost shrink system for you, but these are easily found on eBay and from vendors like U-Line.

We are selling the trays in packs of 250 sets (a set is four 12 bottle trays plus 1 master tray) for $200. This will pack 12,000 minis. Shipping is by UPS and is FOB Durham, NC 27701

Please call (919) 323-2777 for more information or to order the trays.

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