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Looking for pot still and brew setup


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Check out Craftsman Copper out of Olympia, Washington. They do mostly copper lamps and artwork but Jimmy makes great stills at a fraction of the price of other suppliers. He's done work on our still and I know he just finished a 250gal copper pot still for a customer on the east coast and he did it for under 10k. He's on here under the name Jimmidaboot (http://adiforums.com/index.php?showuser=4786). If Jimmy doesn't work out I'd try either of these two companies:

1. Copper Alembic (http://www.copper-alembic.com) out of Portugal, I know they've been known to making custom copper stills of that size occasionally and their prices are pretty good.

2. Hoga Company (http://www.hogacompany.com) out of Spain. They make good quality stills but a bit pricier than the other two I've recommended.

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