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Bulleit Bourbon and how I helped build the foundation for success

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Hello to all. It gives me great pleasure to see all the enthusiasm and success of the craft distilling movement. If anyone out there needs help with their marketing strategy and tools needed to succeed in today's beverage alcohol market please reach my way. Bulleit wasn't built in a day and either will your brand but it helps to have the right vision and understanding of how your product can compete in today's landscape.

Warm Regards,

Chris Musumeci


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I believe the Bulleit bourbon comes out of the Four Roses distillery and their Rye comes from MGP. Either way they don't run their own distillery, but its certainly not made with GNS. And to be fair this gentleman is offering his marketing services, not his secret vodka recipe. :)

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I'd rather drink good whiskey from a provider who outsourced their distillation than bad whiskey from a grain-to-glass distiller who doesn't sufficiently cut heads/tails and produces bad spirits. At the end of the day, it's what it tastes like and customer satisfaction. I've enjoyed the public discussions (food fight?) of who's really a distiller, and my collection has both ends of the spectrum in production, and both ends of the spectrum in terms of taste. There is not necessarily a direct or causal relationship. And not pointing fingers at any one person or group. I've been surprised by some whiskies on both sides of the discussion.

I'd welcome a broader description from Chris about his specific marketing options and unique selling point. Also happy to evaluate free samples provided by any of you all :-) or to discuss finer issues of aging, blending, marketing, truth in advertising, sizzle-vs-steak, etc.


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