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Water Treatment/Purification

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We recently joined the forum to better learn what your members need in terms of water treatment and purification.

Buckeye Hydro provides these services/equipment/supplies to a number of micro breweries and distilleries in Ohio and Indiana and we are interested in expanding our involvement in this arena.

Looks like this forum does not have sponsors or otherwise engage vendors. Am I just missing it?

Russ Romme


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I've had an 1800 gpd water purification system from the getgo, though not from you folks.  Carbon filter, softener, RO.  When it came time to once again replace the membrane on the RO unit, I began wondering...what if I didn't?  What if I didn't replace the membrane, what if I didn't use RO at all, or the softener, what if I used just the carbon filter?  

We're all familiar with distilleries that tout the awesomeness of their spring water, their naturally great-tasting water with minerals and life-giving goodness and God's great bountiful wonder found right next to the distillery, plain and simple, pure and tasty.  So why do I need to purify so much?

Background info:  my county water is sourced from deep underground aquifiers after starting as rain filtered through thousands of feet of volcanic rock.  So it's perfectly pure at the source.  Chlorine dumped in to manage the travel to my taps.  So if I remove the chlorine with a carbon filter, shouldn't I get pure natural delicious water?  I began to think I would.

So I did a test.  Made vodka with 190 and carbon filtered water.  Waited quite a while to see if there was any cloudiness, or other unwanted outcome.  There was not.  Presto, my next batches were diluted with carbon filtered water only.  Same product as my previously highly purified water.  No muss, no fuss.

Obviously, depending on your water source, YMMV.

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