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Sealing Wax Recommendations?


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Does anyone have recommendation for wax tops? We have been trying to make the polymer wax from Etched Images work. They have great colors and it shines nicely, but... We are getting bubbles from the expanding air under our plastic T-tops. And, the wax seems too thick. When I raise the temperature to thin the wax the t-tops melt. I have tried all their tips, putting tape over the joint between the bottle and t-top, adding a first layer of wax over the joint before dipping, higher and lower temps, quick dips and nothing seems to be easy. Perhaps this is all to labor intensive...

If anyone has recommendations for a source of wax, could you let me know?



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post-106-0-03467800-1410984425_thumb.jpgWe used wax for a limited release bottling of about 350 bottles. I don't think that I would want to use it for high volumes. The look is very upscale but it is labor intensive.

We used Reed wax. They did a great job of color matching the shrinks that we use on our standard bottles. We built a wood box with u-shaped holes/indents to hold the bottles over the pot of wax after dipping. They were allowed to drip for 10 to fifteen seconds before being dipped in cold water. I ended up doing a double dip to get the top thicker. We also used tape to create pull tabs before dipping.

Reed Wax: 781-944-4640

Peter Griffin 978-500-9341

Picture of the wax dipped bottles attached.

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Turkey Shore Distilleries makes of Old Ipswich Rums was the first company to use Reed Wax.

I went to school with Pete Griffin's son and we were chatting one day about our wax and how hard it was to cool down.

After a few beers ( form the Ipswich Ale Brewery next door) he set a meeting the next day with his father, Pete.

Reed Wax's chemist Brian, after a few tries he perfected the perfect wax for us. Brian, came up with a custom wax that cools in 15 second.

They can make any color to match any label given to the company. Nicest people you could deal with.

Reed Wax an I will be at the same booth this years conference.

Swing by the booth and enjoy dipping demonstrations.

Oh by the way, GO PAT'S!!!!!!!!!! Brady is the Man!!!!

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