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New Distillery in Ohio

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My names Bud, we have had a family owned snack distributing business for over 45 yrs. located south of Steubenville Ohio in a little river town called Brilliant. For the last 32 months we have been getting everything in order with the TTB and state we have appoval of a formula and label for moonshine and a whiskey. Our 100 gal refux still should be in anyday now. Like many of you we plan on using local farmers for most of our products. We plan on keeping it simple and putting the profits back into upgrading equiptment and product. I am sure we will have many questions in the coming months, this forum has answered so many of them already. Thank all of you for being there. I have been in contact with our local state representive Jack Cera( who sits on Ohio ways and means commitee) about the Ohio spirts tax, it turns out he is familiar with a bill to lower the tax. We'll see what happens .

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