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Harmless Fun or Fraudulent?


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Just wondering what other whiskey distillers think about this:


My first thought was, why wouldn't you just buy some oak spirals (which would probably do a better job, and are easy to get and cheap). Then my second thought was, why didn't I think of that... :)

Part of me feels like these guys should be exposed as frauds (i.e. rapid-age your whiskey 3 years in just 24 hours, or turn a bad whiskey into a good one), but the other part of me says, meh, what's the harm if a few people with more money than brains want to buy something that makes them drink more whiskey.

What do you think? Does this harm whiskey producers by spreading false ideas about aging and quality, or does it help us by allowing people to enjoy whiskey in different ways?

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I say props to them for finding a way to sell over-priced spirals. Double props if they offer a true char - I've never found spirals in anything but varying levels of toast. For drinkers that like oak, I'm sure they'll enjoy the results, regardless of base spirit quality.

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