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Flavoring Rye

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The flavored rye experiments we have done in our tasting room have been surprisingly popular. As a result of this we are hoping to start bottling our most popular ones in the next few months. As I write this post I am enjoying a cocktail one of our bartenders created using our black pepper rye.

-The Pop Deluxe-

2 oz black pepper rye

1.5 oz smoked vanilla simple syrup

Top with Root Beer

Garnish with a cherry

I would not even know how to begin to describe this drink with words!

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Flavored whiskeys are hot - no denying it. Leopold Bros. stuff absolutely refuses to stay on the shelves in these parts.

I personally don't think there's any problem with NDPs, as long as the rules are followed (and enforced). With the recent beating Templeton took - the Iowa attorney general just green-lighted that class action lawsuit BTW - I'll bet any NDPs who've been skirting the rules are submitting new COLAs at lightspeed now.

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