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5000l vodka (52% after diluted) every day


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I am looking for to get 5000l vodka (52% after diluted) every day, how should I choose the capacity of each tank, i.e. mash cooker, distillation equipment.
Shall I distill more than one batch everyday using a large still, let's say 5000L or 10000L? Or I can use two stills to get the amount I want?
If two stills method is more efficient and cost effective, how should I design the size of each still?
EMAIL: sophiewu1989@gmail.com
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You are not going to get many replies to your inquiry above because your post is nonsensical and/or confusing. Perhaps you should re-post your inquiry with greater detail and confirm the numbers you shared are what you actually meant to type.

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I agree with HedgeBird. Those numbers are really large. It would take a pot still of around 30,000L capacity to distill what you want. Personally I would not build a pot still over 4000L, especially a pot still with a vodka column. You would have to go with a large continuous feed column still to get that kind of production and the cost would probably be well into the 7 figure range just for the still not including all of the other equipment and the building which might put your total expenditure into the 8 figure range. Is your budget really that large?

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