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Looking for Bottle Company

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Does anyone know a good bottle supplier for the South Carolina area. I am looking for a new supplier. I have had trouble getting decent bottles from my current supplier. I need to find 750ml bottles such as Stockholmn, Oregon, Nordiac, Jersey, Tennessee type bottles all my current supplier offers is basically mason jars and regular flint wine style bottles. Any assistance rendered would be appreciated. Thanks


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We use Rockwood Glass in China. But you have to be willing to do 20,000 with them to make it worthwhile with the shipping costs.

Lower prices per unit, but you have to pay ocean freight to get a container to you.


Henri Berthe is a Frenchman who has setup his operation in China. So you really get European quality and Asian prices.

We have visited his factory and I know a few other active members of the ADI Forums have also visited his factory.

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Feel free to contact me. We specialize in premium spirits bottles. Mostly we make custom bottles, also with the same 20,000 minimum that Rockwood has. But we also have a 4 stock bottles which we keep in inventory that we can sell in smaller quantities. You can see these here: http://fusion-glassworks.com/ordersamples.php

Michael Ferchak - michael@fusion-glassworks.com 646-431-0439

Fusion Glassworks. www.fusion-glassworks.com.

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Saverglass could help you. We have inventory in Kentucky and offices in NJ, OR and CA.

Custom mould: 30,000 mini but a large range of stock bottles.

You can call the office in NJ: (201) 825-7100. We just hired a new Sales Manager based in Washington DC.

Hope this can help


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