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Vodka Filtration


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Hello All,

Can anyone lead me in a direction of filtration of vodka? I have experience with a huge schank d.e. filter for beer as well as particle separators from Alfa Leval, but was wondering what people are doing for clear spirits. Any information would be helpful. Hope I'm not "stepping" on any toes.



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You do not filter the wash before distillation. The water you use for fermentation, and later for dilution to bottle proof needs filtering, preferably RO. If you do any filtering at all it is cold filtering with activated charcoal after the product has been brought to bottle proof.

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Hello all,

I agree with Jonathon, well said. Trident Welding has a good gravity fed G.A.C. filter housing that works well. Simple to use as long as youre not in a hurry. It uses no pump and just transfers from one tank to another by putting one higher that the other and letting Newton Law do the rest. We make it in different sizes and can make what you need depending on your output. The website is Trident Welding

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We chill filter through activated charcoal. The destination for vodka is pretty straight forward...characterless, so we filter and often re-filter until we get final product that we are all pleased with.

We use an air powered pump (http://adiforums.com/index.php?showtopic=806&view=&hl=air%20pump&fromsearch=1) to push our chilled vodka through an activated charcoal bed that is essentially a 6 foot tall, 18" wide brita filter. We approached our local water treatment supplier (everyone up here needs to soften their water) and he hooked us up with our filters (we have one for our water supply as well) and our RO system. If you are making vodka, these components are essential, but like Jesse mentioned they can take many different forms and can all be designed around your system and expected production.

Oh, and charcoal has a life span. We're just beginning to figure out exactly how many proof gallons our current setup can take before replacing the filter medium is necessary.


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