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Labeling system

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Selling a used Accraply Labeling system. This system is a dual head labeler with a wrap belt. This labeler was built by AAMD Inc. We have been told it runs but we have not tested it. Here is some information of work performed on labeler by AAMD out of MA.

  1. Relocated label head #1
  2. Added label controller and reinstalled
  3. Added label head #2 to the oppsite side and changed to opposite roation for real label.
  4. Designed and fabricated short angled conveyor and opposite pressure plate for pressing lables to bottle after applied.
  5. Installed #4
  6. Repaired main table top belt and tested same.
  7. Changed one labeler from steeping motor to DC motor so they both are the same type of drive.

It is also note the there needs to be some re wiring on system. Asking $3500.00

Questions please contact me Rplax32@yahoo.com

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