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hey guys,

I'm looking to pick up tiny little chiller to use chill filtering my vodka.

Alcohol is in a 300L non jacketed tank. I'm thinking an inline chiller on a recirculation cycle or maybe an immersion type.

Price is a major concern for us (not a budgeted purchase)

Final concern is getting to me in Canada (borders / shipping / duties / etc)

Any thoughts?

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Used ones I have are 3 HP either 230/3/60 or 460/3/60.

The Canadien outfit I work with in Toronto could ship you one new, my price for a 1 1/2 HP chiller that would do the trick would be $7,000, but that includes the duty to USA, so I assume it would be a bit less.

Looks like you will need to look for something that size on your side of the border that is 50Hz.


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Thanks for the reply, I tried to PM you but the forum says you can't accept any more messages.

Can you recommend a more economical option?

I'd be willing to take on a lot of inconvenience to drop that price significantly.


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That all depends how long you have timewise to do the cold filtering.

You are going to lose 1/2 the capacity (HP) to get the glycol cold enough for the filtration.

I have never sold a chiller less that 3 HP for cold filtering, but realistically even if you took a large amount of coil inside a large freezer, I bet it would cost you thousands just for the metal.

I have some smaller units coming out over the winter, but I doubt any would be much less than $3 or 4K.

I can get a 115/1/60 small chiller out of Buffalo, but that is over $4K.

If I find anything smaller, I'll post it.

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